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Sons Of The Phoenix

 -And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Silverton Nicholas Chow and Torrance Allegra Lattern

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTIDOTE ...The African Juttah 1986-2016/17

     -Starring: Preece Silverton Nicholas Chow, Liverpool And Torrance Allegra Lattern, Eagle Canyon Mountain.Deburk and Erin Alexandria Brook, Branstone Antonio Hathwell and Penelope Irene Micole, Kingsley Edward Artelon and Keyian Deloris Mensdan, Kylan Desrek Stuart and Danielle Alexis Blaine, Morrison Caylip Fence and Reese's Loraine Penniman, Vladimir Elizondo and Riley Bailey Nortstrom  

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Kylan Desrek Stuart and Danielle Alexis Blaine was born a son, Tayshaun Alexander Stuart, a son Cosby Alfred Stuart and a daughter Kellen Resen Micolet Blaine    

Son’s Of The Phoenix 03/18/2010

     -“Desrek,” backing away with nervous hands slipped into his pockets, could Soledad always depend on his big brother, “you found us I see.” “What is going on?” “I mean with Kassel being half crazy that her husband haven’t been home in two nights, I know,” again as an anxious one peering off, away uneasily a witness of temporal roommate Adrian looking in on them both. “Look I had the most, I don’t know, the most disturbing dream, like you Desrek I have lots of dreams, but this, this was beyond anything.” “I was standing in an open field,” as one easing into a seat, did an attentive Desrek Allum as well sit, arm, by arm remove his jacket. “Even a wilderness, suddenly the sky above begin to freeze over and just as it froze over, it began breaking apart with huge jagged and sword like parts of it’s crashing to the earth, I mean destroying Desrek all people and places in its path.” “Truly nothing on the earth was safe, shortly I realized it wasn’t just ice, but it was crystal, the heavens above had turn crystal and it was all breaking apart and colliding with the earth, making everything and everybody at panic.” “It was the craziest thing ever and terribly disturbing, crystal, that’s a metaphor, crystal skies, what do people mean Sole when they use the phrase “Crystal Skies?” “I don’t know, ah, beautiful, sunny, safe and even peaceful.” "Though Desrek man, that wasn’t all, I just as soon began to see two beast, they were crystal as well, it was even as though they were responsible for the crystal skies falling and booming largely to the earth and man.” “That could be so but you have to remember they, these demonic creatures don’t wont’to be revealed, so, he causing this sky-shattering annihilation has to be God, I mean you are Sole talking about a mankind who in ways quite calamitous obscure that evil with that which is divine, exclaiming evil as good.” “One of them, one of these beast Desrek had this huge mouth, almost like an alligator and the other remind me, remember the last Godzilla movie they made?” “Well this second beast look like him and as I said it was so terrifying I began to run, you know like all the others, well did they, these beast give chase?" "No, they were always in the sky, the heavens, never on the earth.” “My God Desrek man,” a nervous one at running his fingers through his hair along a stand, disturbingly away, “what could something like that even mean?” “My god in heaven.” “Well Sole, crystal skies as a metaphor mean all you just said, but justly so does it represent a false sense of security, which is why we’re forewarn not to let the sunshine fool us, though it appear so, everything isn’t alright.” "As well as you was describing these things to me I was reminded of the war in heaven, when Michael shall fight and his angels, as so Lucifer and his armies, with Satan and his failing, and he, the red dragon, drew a third of the stars (angels), with him.” “Fall, as in down to the earth, bringing their high places to nothing, surely that will bring an end to crystal skies, to this fake calm and praise God for it, as it deludes the people the more." "Remember what that strong voice in heaven said, woe, as in great sorrow to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea for now he, Satan cometh down to you, and have great wrath, because Sole he know he have but a short time left, so you’re just getting a look at all of this in the spirit world, …man Desrek, that all sound so horrifying.” “Look I don’t know what this have to do with anything, but just last night I got as a forewarning, the word Phoenix, I heard it twice.” “So when I researched it, what I discovered mostly is the Phoenix is a mythological bird, one dating back to ancient Egypt where it lived in what was once it’s capital, Heliopolis.” “It’s considered to be a fire spirit, again a mythological bird, the only one of its kind that lives five hundred years.” “Though this Sole is the most interesting, when it must die, it builds a nest of frankincense, myrrh and other spicies, that after it’s selective collection it set it’s nest ablaze with itself in it.” “Hence, dying a horrible, unthinkable death, it’s then said, as the flesh decays it produces a sort of worm which eventually create itself into another Phoenix bird from which it passes from the land of Arabia to Egypt to as well live five hundred to a thousand years.” “What’s even more amazing about this mythological bird is like the Dragon, every nation of faith Sole has a form of belief or ritual concerning this bird, Egypt, Russia, China, even the Catholic Church, putting it in comparison with the Christ of God death and resurrection, which is abominable I know.” “Especially Lebanon Beirut, since they are descendants of the Phoenicians they often claim themselves to be Sons Of The Phoenix.” “I tell you Sole, the more I read this, the more I was reminded of Mystery Babylon’s fate, how she will most of all burn to ashes, only it will not again be made new.” “What did John say he saw?" A New Jerusalem, A New Heaven and a New Earth, no once Mystery Babylon, all world nations and kingdoms fall, from its ashes will not emerge another man made kingdom, but God, the Ancient of Days Kingdom alone is to reign, it’s what’s being celebrated doing the sounding of the seventh angel.“ “This is what John meant when he declared, “Five Are Fallen, and is another example of God’s reign over mankind, rigorously John meant Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo Persia, Grecian had all fallen, and one is, he was talking about the Roman Empire of his day, and now Mystery Babylon, The Roman Empire most diverse section.” “Then he said and one haven’t yet come, and when it come it shall remain a shall space, he was talking about the ten heads, those end times nations of the which now occupy the territories of Assyria, Greece and the Roman Empire, an end time conglomerate referred to as the New World Order. This seventh kingdom will reign exactly 42 months, that’s three and a half years, then this little horn rising out of the ten heads, will defeat three of them, some say, Egypt, Greece and Turkey, and reign as head of the remaining seven, whose reign will as well be exactly 42 months, no more or less.” “Hey you guys, Desrek," having listen to them as one having itching ears, at getting in on the conversation, "this is really interesting stuff, so could the two beast Sole saw be those beast as described in Rev 13, 14 chapters?" "I mean in the spirit world, I guess that could be so, as their reign, the Antichrist and the false prophet will as well bring as end to this crystal sky scenario, and crystal, doesn’t it as well represent clarity, as in a reveal?” "Yeah, yeah that’s also true, good sight there Adrian man, …this Antichrist will set himself to destroy the holy people and Christ’s testimonial from the face of the earth, yeah remember May said she heard a voice say the antichrist will kill millions as millions go broke, there is Sole another such prophecy, of hers, a voice declaring, “God said he will kill millions, the he here she believed meant He, the anti-Christ, will kill millions.” “Now the wife, Kassle, ah man these things I shared with you were getting to me so, I just had to get out, you can’t Sole keep running from Kassle, she’s your wife now, you gonna have to confide in her, like you do Kiefer right?” “Look just don’t assume she won’t understand and support you, you mean like Andre does Hain?” "Heck I wish, you and I both could be that blessed you know." "I know, I know you’re right, so I can give you a ride home?” “Yeah let me just get my things, hey Adrian man I’m gonna go, you sure?” “Yeah, look why don’t we all do something this weekend, Kassel, Hain and Andre as well, theater and dinner, yeah Sole man that sound good, see you then, look tell Amirah I said thanks.” “The fall of Mystery Babylon huh?” Yeah it’s called that because all nations, people and tongues fallen from God’s grace look through a mirror darkly, that’s the mystery, which veil, which shroud Adrian is taken away in Christ Jesus.” "The authentic Adam, the authentic tower of babel, we are not our own, never have been never will be, that too is a vast, even strong illusion cursed upon mankind.”

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).,,

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-I was standing over my stove, I was cooking when suddenly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me, how soon we, the church bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints as the Antichrist is given power to overcome them. 03/17/2011

For Salvation Pray:

I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again

Listening to: Sandy Pattie: We Shall Behold Him

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us all the Victory

Behold: The Spirit And The Bride say come

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